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Uri Avnery accuses the supporters of the One State solution of forcefully imposing the facts onto the “Bed of Sodom” (22 April, 2007). He seems to regard these people best as day dreamers that do not understand the political reality around them and are stuck in a perpetual state of wishful thinking. We are all veteran comrades in the Israeli Left and therefore it is quite possible that in our moments of despair we fall into the trap of hallucinating and even fantasizing while ignoring the unpleasant reality around us.

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Colonising and Crying

Posted by רני On March - 27 - 2007 0 Comment

With pomp and circumstance the Jerusalem International Book Fair opens this Sunday. A closer look at the festival’s programme shows the limits of what this book fair considers to be “international”. Norway and Russia, Holland and Lithuania, Austria and France, Poland and Italy. Even Germany is all right nowadays. The European Book Fair it should have been called. The White Book Fair. Because, between you and me, the Arabs, the Blacks, the Chinese don’t really know how to write. Theirs is not really a Culture. They didn’t exactly produce an Anna Karenina, a Ulysses or a Faust.

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Olive dust

Posted by רני On March - 22 - 2007 0 Comment

The finger I ran across one of the leaves became covered in a thick layer of dust. As though I had ran it along an old shelf. Through the dust, I could see the leaf’s colour was not olive-green but camouflage green, even brown. It felt dry, dead. I took one step back and surveyed the treetop. The tree looked as though someone had painted it in dust. So did the rest. The orchard’s owner stood next to me, quiet. Despair filled his eyes. I imagined my father, also a farmer, standing in his orchard and watching years of work down the drain. But I don’t intend to write an agricultural report, and I wouldn’t mention it at all, if it was not for the people who have lost their livelihood, the villagers of Bil’in.

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