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Unknown Territory / A Polyphonic Novel

Posted by רני On May - 29 - 2007 0 Comment

Excerpt from Book One, the chapter: Ilana Nindov
Moshik went up to his room. We sat at a long table in the conservatory. The sunny day recreated the Israeli light and warmth. Through the windows blossomed an English garden that has never heard of watering problems.

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Blindness is Contagious

Posted by רני On March - 30 - 2007 0 Comment

Blindness is contagious
across the generations.
It’s uncanny.
Hardening of the heart,

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Intensive Care

Posted by רני On March - 21 - 2007 0 Comment

My heart beats too slow.
My heart beats too fast.
My heart doesn’t beat middling -

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