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Palestinian-Arabs in Israel to strike against racism

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The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee in Israel announced on Wednesday, September 2 that it will hold a general strike next month (Thursday, October 1) in protest of the racist government’s policies.

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Please read the urgent appeal on behalf of two women who are currently held in administrative detention:

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The Capitalist Crisis – A Vision from the Left

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Friday, May 15, Hagada Hasmalit Center, Ahad Ha’am 70,
16:30-18:00: Israel 2009 – Working Class Struggles:
Nadav Aharoni: The Gan Ha’Madah Employees Union’s Struggle at the Weizmann Institute, Rehovot.
Shira Ohayon: The Andalusian Orchestra Strike, Ashdod.
Binyamin Gonen: “Of HaEmek” and “Pri Galil” Workers Struggles.
Slawa Alynat: On the Situation of the Palestinian Workers in the Settlements.
Moderator: Hedva Ischar, former leading member of the Journalist’s Committee at the Israel Broadcasting Corporation and now an activist at “Kav LaOved”.
18:15-19:30 – Cornelia Hildebrandt (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation): Potentials and Recent Problems of the Left Parties in Europe / in English.
Saturday, May 16, The Studio Theater, HaRav Kook 27, (near Allenby st. corner Bialik st.), Tel-Aviv.
10:00 – 11:30: The Globalization and the Current Crisis.
Avishai Ehrlich: On Globalization, Capitalism and Crisis.
Daniel Rosenberg: Is the Globalization Death?
Uri Weltman: China and the Capitalist Crisis.
Issam Makhoul: The Capitalist Crisis and the Worker’s Strikes in Egypt.
11:45 – 13:00: On Hegemony and Ideology.
Joshua Simon: Say Good-by to the Yesterday’s World – A Proposal for a new World.
Noam Yuran: Why We Must Read Marx for Understanding Coca-Cola?
Orant Turin: On Mass Media and Hegemony.
Asher Levy: Modernism, Post-modernism and New Modernism.
Ehud Adiv: Marxism or Republicanism?
13:00 – 13:00: Break
13:30 – 14:30: The Marxism and the Current Capitalist Crisis.
Uri Ram: Is the Current Crisis a Cyclic Crisis?
Emanuel Farajoun: An Alternative Critique View on the Current Capitalist Crisis.
Reuven Kaminer: Marxists and Keynesians on the Century’s Crisis.
Asher Frohlich: The Marx and Engels Analysis its Still Relevant in the Current Capitalist Crisis?
14:45 – 15:45: The Current Capitalist Crisis and Israel.
Tamar Gozansky: The Israeli Capitalist Crisis and the Political Parties.
Efraim Davidi: The World Capitalist Crisis and the Israeli Bourgeosie.
Shir Hever: On Capitalism, Crisis and the Occupation of the Palestinian Territories.
Gerardo Leibner: The Social Bases of the new Left.
16:00 – 17:00: The crisis: the European view.
Michael Brie: The Crisis of the Financial Market Capitalism as a Challenge for the Left / in English.
17:15 – 18:30: The Political and Social Consequences of the Crisis.
Dov Khenin: Left Perspectives on the Capitalist and Environmental Crisis.
Yiftach Goldman: Socialism between Politics and Utopia.
Shay Galy: Workers Organizations and the Struggle for a Socialist Programme.
Ofer Casif: Hegemony, Society and Capitalism.
18:30: Final remarks.

Free entrance / For more information: Marx2009@hagada.org.il

The Marx Forum is sponsored by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation


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30/04 Petition for SAMIEH JABBARIN

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The‏ house-arrest for an indefinite period of time of Jaffa-based theater artist‏ Samieh Jabbarin signals a sharp escalation in the harassment of citizens engaged‏ democratically and legally in expressing their political views‏.
The case of‏ Samieh Jabbarin exposes the close cooperation of the Israeli Security Services‏, police and Attorney General’s office. A crass attempt is being made to‏ incriminate a peace-seeking social-political activist by fabricating charges of‏ violence. Unfortunately, the courts of justice have not yet put a halt to this‏ mode of action‏.
The facts‏:
Samieh Jabbarin, 41-years old, a citizen‏ of Israel native of Um al Fahm, is a theater and film director. He was‏ professionally and academically trained in Germany and is currently completing‏ his Masters degree at the Theater Arts Department of Tel Aviv University. Upon‏ his return to his native country, he settled in Jaffa and, among other things‏, engaged in the struggle against the current wave of attempts to evict‏ Arab-Palestinian residents. Samieh is also active in the Abna al Balad movement‏ and was among the organizers of last year’s Haifa conference on the Right of‏ Return and a secular democratic state. Last December he helped organize public‏ mourning rallies and non-violent protests against the Israeli offensive in‏ Gaza‏.
In January 2009, Samieh was warned by the Security Services that a‏ way will be found to punish him for this civil and political activity. The‏ opportunity presented itself on February 10th, general election day in Israel. A‏ group of extreme rightist fanatics announced their intention to serve as‏ official monitors of the voting process in Um al Fahm, second largest Arab city‏ in Israel. Samieh, a native of this town, joined residents in a protest‏ demonstration. He was arrested along with a fellow-resident minutes after the‏ event began. On the very next day – in unprecedented haste – detailed charges‏ were presented at the Hadera court against him for supposedly assaulting the‏ Chief of the Northern Border Patrol, Commander Uri Mor-Yossef‏.
All‏ attempts to disprove and deny such outright deception have been in vain. The‏ open ‘secret’ is that Israeli police video-document all demonstrations and‏ arrests‏.
In this case, however, no evidence was produced beyond the police‏ officer’s own statement‏.
Samieh was held prisoner in Kishon Prison under‏ harsh conditions for seventeen days, and following a legal struggle, was‏ transferred to strict house-arrest at his parents’ home in Um al Fahm. Two‏ family members must be with him at all times, and an electronic shackle is‏ attached to his ankle‏.
Officially, this ruling is in force “until the end of‏ the legal proceedings”. These proceedings, however, have come to a strange‏ near-halt: in sharp contrast to the speed with which it charged him, the system‏ is in no hurry to expose the prosecution’s evidence at an open trial. The‏ prosecution “forgot” to summon Samieh and his attorneys to the indictment last‏ month. Consequently, another indictment has been set for April 27th and who‏ knows how many months will elapse until the trial itself‏.

Thus‏, Samieh Jabbarin is denied access to his creative work, his studies, and his‏ normal living environment. His fate also serves as a blatant warning to‏ intimidate other social and political activists‏.
We appeal to all who‏ are personally committed to fundamental democratic values to raise their voice‏ and demand an immediate end to this deplorable affair. We must expose the‏ questionable method of false accusations and frame-ups in attempting to silence‏ political resisters. This appeal is directed at
* Stage, television and film‏ artists both in Israel and abroad‏;
* Journalists of the printed and‏ electronic media
* Persons visibly active in education and culture
* Lawyers and other members of the justice community
* Social and human-rights‏ activists everywhere
* Citizens who still care about democracy – wherever‏ they are‏ -
we are all called upon to act for the freedom of speech, the‏ freedom of congregation and the freedom of non-violent political activity of‏ Samieh Jabbarin as well as all other citizens of Israel – Jews and Arabs‏ alike‏.

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Hadash (Democratic Front for Peace and Equality) and the Communist Party of Israel calls upon the Jewish and Arab public to take part in a solidarity meeting: Confronting racism and violence, upholding coexistence and the addressing of the severe poverty, unemployment and discrimination which are the root cause of the riots and violence.
Tomorrow, October 14, 2008, 12.00 on the Acre Esplanade (near the lighthouse).
Tel Aviv 10:15 from the corner of Arlozorov and Namir
Haifa 11:00 Solel Boneh near Al-Midan Theater (Haifa contact Danny Grimblatt 052-5655542)
Jerusalem 9:30, Gan Hapa’amon
For Jaffa, Ramleh and Lod transportation contact info@maki.org.il
Acre contact: Ahmed Udeh, Hadash mayoral candidate 0504-372914

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: 2/5 : To privatize the First of May?

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Be our guests at the following lectures in Chug Ahvah “To privatize the First of May?” discussion with Prof. Dani Gutwein (SDI – Social-Democratic Israel); Binyamin Gonen (Political Bureau of MAKI). Wednesday 2.5.2007 at 7:30 pm. For additional information: Ornat Turin tel: +972-4-8373255, Yocheved Gonen tel: +972-4-8222927.

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Joint Appeal of the Communist Party of Israel

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Joint Appeal of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI) and the Palestinian People’s Party (PPP). To communist and worker parties, peace organizations, trade unions, women organizations and youth movements. This year will be the 40th year of the occupation of the Palestinian territories (in June 1967) and the 60th anniversary of the UN General Assembly’s resolution 181 regarding the establishment of two states in mandate Palestine (November 1947). Our parties, the Palestinian People’s Party and the Communist Party of Israel, which for many years fostered cooperation between themselves in the struggle against Israeli occupation and its crimes as well as for a just peace, hereby address all the communist and worker parties, peace organizations and workers, women and youth movements in an appeal: Let us mark both of these dates in a world effort, broad as possible, which aims at ending the Israeli occupation as soon as possible, and the establishing of a just and lasting peace between the states, Israel and Palestine.

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Alex Messing, a 19 year old conscript soldier from Tel Aviv, Has been sentenced on 12/3/07 to 21 days of detention for refusing to participate in the occupation. Alex is serving in the communication corps. He had made it clear to his commanders that he would not be willing to participate in the occupation. Nevertheless, after his training, he was posted at the notorious Ofer detention centre near Ramallah. Please send letters to Alex, and show the authorities that occupation refusers have wide public support (the army tends to be harder on refusers who are conscript soldiers, in comparison to reservist refusers).
Alex’s address:
Alex Messing 6125702
Mishtara Tzvait Yoav – Hadar Mishmar
Yehida Pikudit Het Mem Tzadi

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Women In Black” would like to invite everybody, women and men, to join the weekly vigil against the ongoing occupation. The vigils are held every Friday, from 13:00-14:00 (Nachshon Junction 13:30-14:30)
Please come in black.

  • Gan-Shmoel – Gan-Shmuel Junction 13:00-14:00
  • Haifa – Hagefen and Ben-Gurion Junction 13:00-14:00
  • Jerusalem – Hagar (Paris) Square 13:00-14:00
  • Carmiel – Carmiel Junction (to Tefen) 13:00-14:00
  • Megido – Megido Junction 13:00-14:00
  • Nachshon – Nachshon Junction 13:30-14:30
  • Tel-Aviv – Sderot (Boulevard) Ben-Zion and King George Intersection 13:00-14:00


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Sergeant Major (res.) Omry Harari, has been sentenced to 28 days in prison for refusing to serve in the west bank. Omry is 28 years old, and is a student of education. Omry is expected to leave prison on 20/3/07. Letters to Omry can be sent to the following address:
Omry Harari military number 6388000
Military prison 4
Military mail 02507
You can also mail your letter at yeshgvul2001@yahoo.com and we will pass it to Omry. You may wish to send letters declaring your support for Omry and your denouncement of the occupation to Israeli officials. See a list of addresses here.

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