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Posted by רני On May - 6 - 2007 0 Comment

The Winograd Commission appointed by the government to examine shortcomings during the prosecution of the recent war in Lebanon, issued a report this week thoroughly condemning the Prime Minister, the Defense Minister and the former Chief of Staff for “serious failure” and “rash decision making.” The Commission blasted everyone concerned in the July adventure for impulsiveness, inefficiency, incompetence, etc.

How strange! The political establishment and the jingoistic media had worked day and night for years to convince the public that there is an easy way to solve Israel’s security problem “if only the Israeli army would be allowed to win.” So, the government decided to “let the army win.”
But the army did not win. The whole purpose of this commission is to try and renew the confidence of the public that the next time everything will work smoothly when the government decides “to let the army win.”
It is absolutely clear that it is impossible to say anything intelligent about a complex subject like the recent war in Lebanon without seriously examining the ideological and political conceptions on which government policy is based. But this question is not in the commission’s terms of reference.
It is impossible to understand the shameful performance of all the leaders, the government ministers, the generals and the butt-kissing commentators without declaring clearly that they were guided by the illegitimate motives of service to imperialism and foreign interests. But this question is not in the commission’s terms of reference.
A serious commission of inquiry would have to question how an (almost) entire nation was hoodwinked into supporting an adventure that pushed Israel even deeper in the swamp of unending war. A serious commission of inquiry would have noted that there were parties and groups which said “no” to the war and demonstrated against it from day one onward. A serious commission of inquiry would have noted that the main elements of the crisis in the leadership are not technical but political.
This commission can only increase illusions regarding procedures, coordination, consultation and point a finger at Olmert and Co.
But it is not a question of apparatus failure!
It is a question of wisdom and understanding!
It is not a question of efficiency.
It is a question of knowledge and insight.
There is simply no substitute for a policy of peace and serious discourse.

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  1. Rowan Berkeley says:

    Take today’s Haaretz : “fifteen tunnels under the gaza-egypt border”. If I recall the HRW report on the tunnels, they found precisely one tunnel, and dozens of (already concreted up) shafts to it.

    I imagine that if a rightist says the army is lying, s/he gets ignored, but if a leftist publicly accused an army spokesperson of trying to affect the political process by promulgating bogus ‘security threats’, I don’t think s/he would be ignored. I think s/he would be accused of treason. Interesting thought.

  2. Rowan Berkeley says:

    Again and again, when reading the Israeli press and in recent years the western press in general, I am struck by the mainstream taboo on questioning the veracity of military intelligence communiqu?s. Is it really possible that no-one feels the need to dispute these absurd pronouncements, always timed with extreme obviousness to prevent peace from breaking out?

  3. Rowan Berkeley says:

    James Petras says basically that it really is too late and we have to liquidate zionism itself:
    — Link —

    The majority of evidence suggests he is correct, and also that one could infer
    that doing so (purging the concepts of zionism as we supposedly purged those of
    apartheid) would lower the risk of world war, if it could be achieved – and it
    is implicit in this view that at a popular level this anti-zionist campaign
    could hardly avoid the various so-called ‘anti-semitisms’, racial, religious

    In fact it could be used by many (including the jewish diaspora moguls, who as we all know are total cynics) to produce reversions to medieval religiosity in the christian world – the religious are much easier to govern than the sane.

    I am in the middle of learning hebrew, with a woman here in London who in fact heads a small organisation which seems to be affiliated to the israeli labour party and to receive israeli govt support.

    Each week I find myself feeling a little more physically nauseous at the prospect of sitting around the table with these people. Its like sitting with the Comintern during the Purges. Maybe I should switch to Berlitz.

  4. Rowan Berkeley says:

    In fact, after a brisk exchange of emails, I have told her just that, and quit the course. All Second International so-called socialist types become super-evidently disgusting, hypocritical zombies at times like these.

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