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Thirty-four years have passed since the first Land Day and nothing has changed.  The system has just become more sophisticated, that’s all.   Even today, as the Zionist construction in Sheikh Jarakh is at its peak, we should not delude ourselves that even if it is halted (with International pressure, of course), that the theft of Palestinian Arab land will stop.  Putting an end to construction in East Jerusalem will shift the illusion of land theft for the purpose of expanding “land development” to areas within the “Green Line” – the Galilee, Arab areas in the center of Israel, and the Negev.  Thirty-four years ago a cry of protest was raised against the Zionist “salami” method, a method that started to gain theoretical momentum at the first Zionist Congress in Basel.  It gained practical momentum when the British entered Israel and further intensified with the establishment of the Zionist State.  This land theft was (and still is) called different names such as “Judification of the Galilee”, “pioneering”, “settlement”, and of course – “Zionism”.  The 1976 protest is commemorated annually, but it’s just the dog’s bark, as the larceny bandwagon proceeds with a cynical smile.

100 years ago, when Mr. Hertzl spoke of the future Zionist state as being the “Western barrier against Eastern barbarism”, he predicted a process that occurred later in Israel-Palestine.  Herzl’s ultimate wish was to establish a Western colony at the expense of the Palestinian natives; to build a Zionist settlement of converted Jews.  The only way to make this happen was to steal the natives’ land with Western colonialist approval.  On this there was no disagreement between Herzl and the Revisionist opposition.  The disagreement wasn’t fundamental, only about tactics and the location for realizing their dream.
It has been 100 years, intensified after the bitter Holocaust, that converted Zionists have been using Judaism and the religion of Israel as an excuse for their mischief.  They especially exploit occasions where Jewish blood has been spilled, often at their own fault.  At the turn of the 20th century the Rabbi of Brisk said that Zionists aim not to establish a State per se, but rather to eradicate the religion of Israel through the establishment of this State.   Indeed, since 1948 the Zionist state has been a catalyst for two things:  eradicating Judaism and the creation of a “new people”, while concomitantly realizing a Western takeover even as the try to drive the Palestinians off their land.   Thank God the Zionists have failed at both, but the victims of their abuse still feel the pain.  The problem is that the Zionists apply the “divide and concur” strategy with both groups.  To the orthodox they talk about security risks, pushing orthodox settlements to conflict zones with Arabs, and at the expense of Arab land; and to the Arabs they say that any escalation in the Middle East is due to “religious extremism”.
The “Judaism” of Zionists includes imposing “laws of conversion (to Judaism, IH)” to facilitate the stream of nationalist immigrants from Eastern Europe to Palestine; it includes provocations abroad to increase “aliya from Western countries”.  Zionist “Judaism” requires the theft of Palestinian land, thus “orthodox” collaborators (such as the minister of housing, Atias) demand the Judification of the Land of Israel in the name of Zionism.
After the actual Nakba of 1949, the “Nakba” continued and is still happening today.  With good reason David Ben Gurion formulated the mad plan, justified by his “Judaism”, to convert the Beduins.  With good reason Isaac Ben Zvi wanted to bring to Israel the “Ten Tribes”, from India to Ethiopia, and convert them to his version of “Judaism”.  And for good reason Zionists today (even the “Leftists”) speak of a “pluralist Judaism” that converts anyone and brings him/her to this country at the expense of the Arabs and the orthodox, of course.  Zionists have not given up on trying to “educate” the orthodox to distance them from their core religion, nor from expelling the Arabs.  At this there is no real difference between Leiberman, Netanyahu, Livni, Barak, or even Hayim Oron.
In 1921 the victims of Zionism tried to unite in an anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist agreement.  The Emirs Hussein and Faisal signed an agreement with the Great Rabbi-Scholar Josef Hayim Sonnenfeld and Jacob Israel De Haan to cooperate to stop Zionism (which came to Israel on the spears of British imperialism).  But the assassination of De Haan by the Zionists (ordered by Isaac Ben Zvi, subsequently the President of the Zionists State) put an end to this uprising.   From then on, the “divide and concur” method (using the system of “carrot and stick”) has been working well and on over-drive.  Only a deep understanding by orthodox Rabbis that it is necessary to stop their forbearance towards Zionists, and to expose to the orthodox public that “Jewish” Zionism is merely a form of imperialism, and counter-intuitively a means for destroying the Jewish religion.
Thirty-four years ago, on the first Land Day, I stood in the village of Dir Hanna in the Galilee, with a few dozen young people like myself (I was 17 at the time), to demonstrate my solidarity against this land theft.  I was a young man in the Zionist Left, and was even able to drag with me two of the leaders of “Moked”.  Thirty-four years have past, and I have found the biblical roots of the Jewish people.  But on this Land Day I will stand again – even more resolute – against the continued theft of Palestinian land on either side of the “Green Line’.  Unfortunately, on that day, March 30th, I will not be able to participate in the solidarity march, but will join later to stand with the victims of the method devised by Herzl the convert – to uproot the barbaric East in the name of “Western progress” in the Middle East.
* (Translated by Ilana Hairston)

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