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The political crisis grows worse day after day. The fault lies with the Israeli government — that is, the right and the religious camp with all its various factions. The Israeli government continues to build the wall despite the ruling issued by the International Court at The Hague and in contravention of a UN General Assembly Resolution . The Israeli government continues to cause suffering and continues its unbearable abuse of Palestinians in the occupied territories. It continues its criminal killing, destruction, and torture in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israeli leaders and their followers are attempting to distract the public by pointing the finger at various nations in which anti-Semitic acts have occurred, but they lie and falsify here as well. They claim that anti-Semitism has always existed, in spite of the clear connection between this abhorrent phenomenon and world anger and opposition to Israel ‘s criminal practices against the Palestinians. We cannot hide from the world the crimes committed by the Israeli army on a daily basis in the territories. Moreover, there have been many occasions in which news of Israeli killings appear in the global media without them reaching the Israeli public.
Israel is a small nation, but it is very active. Current Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is known for his acts of “heroism,” committed when he was commander of Unit 101. He excelled as a hard-hearted commander who killed without hesitation. Many in Israel and the world have not yet forgotten Sharon ‘s role in the Lebanon war (1982), including his responsibility for not preventing the massacre in Palestinian refugee camps.
The conclusion we must draw is this: we must attempt to show the broader Israeli public the reason for the increasingly negative view of Israel in the world. All efforts undertaken by the Israeli government and the Foreign Ministry have failed to convince global opinion of the justice of what we are doing. The world is increasingly worried by Israeli policies and our various weapons, including nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. The danger is ever increasing that a war will break out that would harm the entire region. Everything happening now — Sharon’s plan to withdraw from Gaza, statements about the dismantling of some settlements, extremist right-wing pro-war demonstrations and statements — is for the world clear evidence that Israel does not want peace. It does not want a solution, but wants to continue the occupation, oppression, and wars.
All Israeli governments from the 1967 war until today have been bereft of the concepts of humanism, justice, humanitarian relations, and integrity. Men of religion, including rabbis, justify all these criminal acts in the name of the Lord and even demand more. We hope the day will come with they will be held accountable for their crimes and tried as war criminals for murder and oppression.

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